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I'm migrating over here from livejournal as it seems like a lot of people are jumping ship over there. It's making me a little nervous so I came to see what all the hoopla was/is about.

As you can see, I was born in 1978 and that's slowly making me one of the "old" people. I am an aspiring author currently working on revising my first novel, turning 2 stories into full-length novels, and writing 3 or 4 other stories. I flit from story to story depending on my mood. My main genre is horror, but I'm branching out into sci-fi and erotica. However, horror is my first love and so there will always be a little bit of that flavor in my stories. My horror leans more toward supernatural elements rather than gore.

I am a novelist first and an artist/costumer second. I love to create. I make dreamcatchers and have a passion for sewing (mainly corsets). I like to draw pictures of my characters and if they turn out decently then I'll post them online. I think being creative can almost be a curse sometimes. There's so many artforms I want to master, but my time on this earth is limited.

I live with my soul mate/best friend. Most, if not all, of my journal entries will be f-locked, but feel free to add me as a friend and I'll probably add you back. There are just a few aspects of my life/relationships that I don't want to broadcast to the world at large/certain RL friends/certain RL family members, and so, I f-lock.

The only fandom I am active in is Supernatural (the TV series) and that pretty much extends to reading other people's fic and leaving (hopefully not-stalkery) comments.
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